We are a UK-based charity aligned with the ministry of Howard Dayton, co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries and founder of Compass, USA. Both Crown and Compass are worldwide, non-profit, interdenominational ministries that teach people of all ages how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.


We are all ‘bought’ at a price (1 Corinthians 6:20)



This is a series of six videos teaching the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way.


Our Vision

Our VISION is to see everyone living by God’s financial principles. We desire to see Churches and Christians understand whole life stewardship, and for financial slavery to be broken by application of these principles.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to equip people to diligently learn, faithfully apply, and  accurately teach God’s financial principles so that they may know Christ more intimately.


Meet the Team

Mark Lloydbottom

Mark Lloydbottom

Mark was originally led by God to lead Crown Financial Ministries in the United Kingdom.

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Your Money Counts is connected through membership with Compass Europe, which is headed up by Peter Briscoe.

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Hilary Law is passionate to see people living life well, managing the resources they have effectively, and with generosity. 

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You are never more like Jesus than when you’re giving.
— Johnny Hunt
money and possessions



Why teach on finance in your church?

How are money problems hurting the people in your church?

Money is a huge day-to-day issue in the lives of most people. Many spend a majority of their waking hours making money, spending money, worrying about money, fighting over money, and trying to protect their money. Alarming statistics tell the story of rapidly increasing consumer debt, saving rates that have fallen off of a cliff, and conflict about money being a leading cause of divorce.

Do you realise that:

  • 1 in 6 Church families have problematic debt?

  • The top stress factor among Britons is the amount of money they have to live on?

  • Research suggests that more than a third of us are anxious about how to pay the bills?

Money, like food, is one of those things that we all think about every day – and, often, the thoughts cause anxiety resulting in stress. The most heard of questions are: "Do I have enough?",  "How much is enough?", "Will I ever have enough?", and "How can I get out of debt?" Anxiety and uncertainty can lead to absence in church, lack of energy to get involved with church affairs and decreased giving.

Studies that are life changing – gaining financial freedom

Results from our recent survey (this is a Compass USA survey. Compass provides the source material that Your Money Counts has adapted for the UK)

Changing Lives by the Power of God's Word

As a result of attending and completing the Small Group Study, the results show that:

  • Savings increased by 58%

  • Debt reduced by 38%

  • Giving increased by 70%

  • Volunteer time increased by 47%

  • And 78% of couples attending our small group study reported that their marriage was strengthened

The Impact Is Real because God’s Word is Real

Money is one matter that most of us think about every day. There is no shortage of those wishing to impart their wisdom.

The Bible also has a lot to say about money and possessions and, for Christians, that has to be a great place to start seeking guidance and good counsel.

The vigour of our spiritual lives will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our lives and in our thoughts.
— George Müeller

Resources to Equip You


Our resources have been written by people who have proven that the principles of God's Word works!
Whoever you are, whatever your situation, there's something here for you.

Each of our books/studies has downloadable contents and sample chapters –
to download these please click on the products on our shop page.



Bought provides an overview of the Bible’s key messages relating to the handling of money and possessions. 2,350 verses all condensed into one book. This is what Dr John Preston has to say about Bought.

“This book provides a map for navigating the finance maze, blending biblical insight with common sense. I’ve found this book to be a helpful challenge to my thinking. It has made me simultaneously thankful for all that I’ve received and renewed my commitment to wise biblical stewardship.”

Dr John Preston
National Stewardship Officer, Church of England

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Series of 40 Short Studies

If your studying preference is short studies, then Blueprint is the book for you.

Following our biblical principles Blueprint comprises 40 individual studies, each one about three pages, so dip in and out as you please.

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Individual or Small Group Study

A five-part interactive small group study that is challenging and enlightening. Watch your group as they embark on their journey looking up Bible passages, discussing points arising and group leader insights.

Leader Note: You don’t have to be a finance specialist to lead this study, but we do recommend reading Bought and the introductory notes at the beginning of each study as these will enable you to gain greater insights into each study.

The study includes films and optional extra time activities for those who wish to delve deeper into each study.

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A Teaching Programme Using Presentation Slides

A five-part workshop that comes complete with PowerPoint / Keynote slides.

Each study comprises three sessions. Two of these focus almost entirely on studying what the Bible has to say on each session’s main topic. The third component is a personal and practical session. Attendees are not asked to complete this at the workshop or to share this with any of the other group members.

This workshop also includes a series of short films for each of the studies.

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Story Book for Children 7 and Under

Give. Save. Spend tells the story of Amy, and her friends, Alfie, Jack, Cedric and Lebo. As children follow the story and maybe colour in the pictures and the "Things To Do" they will learn 12 essential biblical financial lessons. This full-colour book uses an interesting story and fun activities to teach children the basics of handling money.

Give. Save. Spend comes complete with a Teacher / Parent Guide with even more activities to keep children engaged as they learn.

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Story Book for Children 8 - 12 Years

The Secret is a story of four children with a financial challenge. How will Rosie, Nathan and their friends be able to go on their adventure in Wales when they feel called to give their savings away? Learn the secret of giving, saving, spending and much more. Children will also discover they can trust God to provide. This colourful, story-based workbook will engage children as they learn that God's plan for handling their finances is so much better than the world's way.

The Secret comes complete with a Teacher / Parent Guide with even more activities to keep children engaged as they learn.

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For Business Owners and Managers

Running a business is challenging. Imagine these common challenges: the life cycle of a product turns out to be much shorter than originally expected; management; cash flow; staff; marketing; business ethics; overwhelming legislation; technology; winning and losing customers.

Do you sometimes feel that your faith does not have all the answers?

Invest in Business by the Book and discover that the Bible has much more to say about managing a business than you may have realised. This study covers seven major topics:

1. The purpose of the business
2. Servant-based leadership
3. Making good financial decisions
4. Finding and effectively managing employees and staff
5. Organisation and marketing
6. Business planning
7. Business excellence (can also be used as a group outreach)

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