Mark Lloydbottom

Mark Lloydbottom

Mark was originally led by God to lead Crown Financial Ministries in the United Kingdom.

At the time of his calling, he realised how God had been preparing him throughout his life for ‘such a time as this’.

He has always been passionate about teaching others about what the Bible has to say about money, wealth and possessions. Subsequently, he felt God's calling to align the UK ministry with Howard Dayton who was one of Crown's founders and also the founder of Compass.

Mark is committed to seeing Your Money Counts (a country member of Financial Freedom) established in the United Kingdom and to serve and train the Church by providing study materials and forums for comprehensive financial teaching.

Business background

Mark’s 35-year professional career saw him start his training as a student in Wolverhampton before qualifying as a chartered accountant with Deloittes in Southampton and then building three successful businesses. For sixteen years, he built an accountancy business that served over 1,000 clients in Bristol. While building this business, Mark developed a range of teaching programmes and management systems, which he launched into the UK by founding Practice Track. For fifteen years, Mark was at the helm as Practice Track became recognised as the UK's premier publishing and marketing company for accountants. His company annually published over 750,000 budget reports and tax cards for accountants to distribute to their clients. During his time building this company, Mark worked closely with a number of US organisations and gained extensive experience in anglicising US materials. He also developed Profit Plus™, a comprehensive system designed to help accountants advise their clients on how to improve their business profitability. Subsequently, he founded of PracticeWEB, a company that provides content for, hosts and manages the websites of over 600 firms of accountants including four firms in the Top 30. When building these companies, Mark presented his management and marketing lectures in over 200 venues throughout the UK and the US and for all UK accountancy bodies. Throughout the development of the businesses, his wife, Rhoda, has worked on the next job that needed doing. Concentrating on the administration and accounting responsibilities, she has worked alongside Mark using her talents and forever extending her capabilities.

Mark has spoken at conferences on accounting firm marketing and management for over 20 years throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and North America, and he has consulted on committees and working parties with a focus on the future of the accounting profession for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.