Business by the Book


Business by the Book


For Business Owners and Managers

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This are the study books that you will need for each member of your group if you are looking to study this with others. You will need to order the Business by the Book with CDs and DVDs if:

  1. You are the group leader – this will give you the full 7-part film set, or
  2. An individual – this will give you the full personal set. If you decide to run this with others you can order as many individual copies from this product page as you require.

Running a business is challenging. The life cycle of a product can be much shorter than originally expected. The challenges of management. Cash flow. Staff. Marketing. Business ethics. Overwhelming legislation. Technology. Winning and losing customers. Do you sometimes feel that your faith does not have all the answers?

Invest in Business by the Book and discover that the Bible has much more to say about managing a business than you perhaps realise. This study covers seven major topics.

The seven topics are:

  1. The purpose of the business
  2. Servant-based leadership
  3. Making good financial decisions
  4. Finding and effectively managing employees and staff
  5. Organisation and marketing
  6. Business planning
  7. Business excellence (can also be used as a group outreach)