Navigating Your Finances God’s Way: Online

This is a course that can either be:

Taken online, or

Used in a small group or

Used as part of the training for delivering the course by a trainer.

In each instance you will need a copy of the study book which can be ordered in our shop.

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Video Library

Structure of each Video Module

Each Module comes complete with two studies and a [private] Personal and Practical Application. Following these 3 parts each study includes a bonus.

Extra Time section

This includes a range of activities for personal follow up including Going Deeper (more Bible verses to study) and an invitation to join us at the Coffee shop to watch our extra videos.


A short introduction to biblical finance, Your Money Counts and the 5-part course. There are 2350 verses in the Bible that talk about the handling of our money and possessions.

Module 1 - Owner or Manager

The Bible makes it clear that God is the owner of everything and that we are stewards/tenants.

Part 1: The Lord is faithful and I am his faithful steward

Part 2: The power of Mammon

Practical: Personal financial overview

Extra time

Module 2 - Living in Financial Freedom

God came to set us free.

Part 1: Living in the circle of God’s blessing

Part 2: Living in financial freedom

Practical: Creating a financial plan – income and expenditure reviewed

Extra time

Module 3 - Free to serve Him

Part 1: What does the Bible say?

Part 2: Borrowing principles

Practical: Becoming debt free

Extra time

Module 4 - Growing in Generosity

Part 1: Growing in generosity

Part 2: Contentment and enjoyment

Practical: A further look at refining the spending and giving budget

Extra time

Module 5 - Saving and Investing

Part 1: Saving

Part 2: Investing

Practical: Saving and investing plans

Extra time

For those seeking to lead the Navigating Your Finance God’s Way course you will need a copy of the DVD which includes all the slides required for presenting the workshop

This DVD comprises

•  An introductory session - this can be used to promote the upcoming course

•  Five sessions aligned to the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

•  Each of these five Modules have speakers notes where this is considered helpful

You will be able to download your selected films from this website.