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Bought — Spoken Word on Money



Bread and Butter



Mint and Silver

It’s a piece of paper

A combination of nickel , zinc and copper

It’s electronic , on a computer

In a cloud stored by some sky scraper

No matter how you say it

It’s all money isn’t it?

It doesn’t buy you happiness

Or grow on trees

Apart from the fact it does – you know the paper notes at least.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a few pound

And the thing is, it makes the world go round

Or so they say…

But something’s wrong if we’re just living for our pay.

Some save

Some spend

Some borrow

Some lend

Some Live

To buy

Some give

A tithe


By the way

Sometimes we mis-use it

Mis-treat or abuse it.

Sometimes we rack up the credit

With the big fat APR

We buy new clothes, new homes, new cars

-like that brand new Ford

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we can’t afford.


To save is healthy

But it’s not the whole answer

Because when money is the only desire

It can infect you like a cancer

You may have heard the rumours

That there’s a danger we consumers

Let all things money consume-us

When we let it drive us

It’s at the fore front of our being like a virus

It engulfs us

And you know you’ve got a money problem

When all you think about is your money surplus

Now there’s nothing wrong with striving for a bonus

But sometimes ‘how much we own’ becomes the onus

And it’s hard to confess that in reality – it owns us.


What about HIM

Does he get any?

I mean sure, he doesn’t really need it

But then if that’s our argument we’re sort of missing the point really aren’t we?

Does he have a portion of our pay

Do we give him a cut?

or not?

Cos the truth is – really he owns the lot.

To give a tithe  is to be obedient to the giver

To commit a portion of your pay

To the King who was and is forever

But what if we use tithing how it wasn’t really meant?

Give God 10 percent

But the rest, hands off- money’s already been spent



Bread and butter



Mint and Silver

No matter how you say  it It’s all money isn’t it?

and Your Money Counts, your money matters

Not so much having it

But how we view it

Who’s in charge?

Money or maker?

Sometimes we’re so focussed on how much we save

We forget that we are saved so much

Cos he rose from the grave

And then there’s grace

No matter what our performance review says we can never earn it

What if we’re so fixated on the next thing we buy

That buying becomes our god rather than the one who is most high?

He didn’t lend us his forgiveness with a competitive interest rate

He gave it freely to us to free us from our most sinful state

And so we’re free,  Because he paid the fee

And he paid it in full

On a tree

1 Corinthians 7:23

They say money doesn’t grow on trees

Except that technically it does

But I tell you what else happened on a tree

His payment for my forgiveness

If money was a cake

What would be God’s slice?

Cos let’s not forget the truth that is.

We were BOUGHT  with a price.