Blueprint: Reflections on money, wealth and possessions

This book takes you on a 40-day journey that shows in detail God’s plan for how a believer should manage their finances. It shows the spiritual and financial journey that is found in the Bible. Each of the 40 day studies uncovers a bit about what the Bible says about our faith and how we handle our money, wealth and possessions. For each day there is a topical commentary, Bible verses, ‘words of wisdom’ and a prayer as you reflect on what you have read. Blueprint aims to help you encounter what God says about how we view and handle our money. Organised into five sections, Blueprint looks initially at some foundational principles as you embark on the journey of discovering what the Bible says about: personal finances, earning and spending, debt, home and family, giving, saving and investing and making a difference. Read the biblical truths that will enable you to recognise how to live a life of financial freedom.


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