Mark Lloydbottom

Education and Training Director

Mark and Rhoda were called originally by God to lead Crown Financial Ministries in the United Kingdom. At the time of their calling they realised how God had been preparing them throughout their lives for ‘such a time as this’. They have always been passionate about teaching others about what the Bible has to say about money, wealth and possessions. Subsequently, they felt God’s calling to align their ministry with Howard Dayton who was one of Crown’s founders and also founder of Compass. Mark and Rhoda have belonged to three Bristol churches and one in Woodstock, Georgia. In these churches…

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Philip Bishop


In my previous working roles, my skills included: a strategic thinker with the ability to look at the “bigger “picture with implementation, organising and communication of that strategy.

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Peter Briscoe

Head of Europe

Peter Briscoe is an Englishman, and studied Industrial Chemistry and Management at Loughborough University of Technology, England. He moved to The Netherlands in 1974 and was asked by his company, Brent Chemicals International, to set up a subsidiary in Holland from 1978 where he was Managing Director until1986. From 1987-1989, Peter was Executive Director of the Christian Businessmen’s Committees (CBMC in The Netherlands.) In 1990, Peter set up “Synthesys” a consulting company specialising in the development and marketing of industrial chemical specialties. When the Berlin Wall collapsed and opportunities to develop business in Eastern Europe opened up, Peter founded and…

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Howard Dayton

Compass America, CEO & Founder

Howard Dayton graduated from Cornell University and served two and a half years as a naval officer. After developing a successful railroad-themed restaurant in Orlando, Florida, Howard began his commercial real estate development career in 1972, specializing in office development. After a business partner challenged him to study the Bible to discover what God teaches about handling money, Howard’s life was profoundly changed. The Lord gave him a passion to share these life-changing principles, resulting in the authorship of five books, Your Money: Frustration or Freedom, Your Money Counts, Free and Clear, Your Money Map and Money and Marriage God’s…

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Loulita Gill

Design Manager

I run and own my business, Louita Gill Design.  I design for both national and international clients from a number of industries. I love designing work that they feel confident to identify with. God has blessed my business beyond all I could imagine. I am excited to be a part of the Your Money Counts team. I have been doing some design work for the ministry and building on the beautiful branding set out by Dickie Dwyer ( I know that many lives are going to be transformed through this ministry as people learn and apply the principles of the…

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