Asking someone questions is a great way to learn . These quick questions are aimed to help you have a quick understanding of this important biblical subject .

When you meet first you can incorporate this video podcast as part of introductions in your group. You can also use this video podcast as summary at the end of the session .

What does the Bible say about money? This is a question we hear often. From comments we get regularly we prepared questions and answers in this section.

We are happy to answer additional questions, if you still have a question or questions, please contact us.

Bible is Blueprint for Living

Quick Questions


Question – is it un-biblical to want to be in control of your finances?

Question – If we should trust God with providing for us, is it wrong to pay into a pension plan?

Question – Is it wrong to want nice stuff?

Question – Do you think it’s possible for someone to idolize their possessions?

Question – How can you best manage our money?

Question — Is it important to have a Spending Plan ?

Question — What do you include in a Spending Plan ?

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Question- What is Debt?

Question- Is it wrong to be in Debt?

Question- Should we make getting out of Debt a priority in our lives?

Question- When is it permissible to be in debt?

Question- If someone is struggling to make payments, then what?

Question- Do you think credit cards are helpful or unhelpful?

Question-  Would you say debt is something you should tackle head-on?