How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough?

This is a good question, so can you answer it? How much money would you need to be paid to be happy? The Government has a ‘national living wage’ meaning that everyone over 25 must be paid at least £7.20 an hour – the equivalent of around £15,000 a year. But is it enough? So shall we save or spend in 2016?

Save, Save, Save

Well a recent survey by the Nationwide* suggests an amount of savings that we feel secure and that we need in reserve to feel secure is £21,313.* But does that make us feel “happy”.

However, the poll confirms that the average savings is £16,240. So if you are below this figure how does that make you feel? The savvy saver is thinking outside the box and is finding alternative places to invest the cash, sometimes following their hobby or fun investment – Gold, Art, Jewellery, Wine and even Comics.

Spend, Spend, Spend

Is the answer to spend, spend, and spend? This is not as silly as it sounds some people 10% from the survey will spend any surplus they have at the end of the month not worrying about any unexpected and unwelcome bills – speeding & parking fines

Tomorrow Matters

Whatever your approach, be active with your finances and get into the habit of keeping yourself financially fit – not just for today but for the future. Can I just quote you to proverbs from ancient writers that still apply today: “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,   but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. “ & “The wise have wealth and luxury,   but fools spend whatever they get.”


So what suggestion would I have when looking at this question?  Consider these wise words in making  your decisions , because if you keep chasing to have enough the answer to that question is easy “ Just a little bit more?”

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*Nationwide Savers poll of 2,000 UK adults that have a savings account was carried out by online market researchers,, and took place between 22 July and 29 July 2016



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